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February 10, 2018

A string of idyllic coral islands scattered across the aquamarine waters of the equator. Exquisite private island resorts encircled by sugar white beaches and calm turquoise lagoons provide the ultimate getaways for sun worshippers, divers and incurable romantics.

THE ATOLLS The Maldives consists of 1,190 islands over 20 major atolls (island chains surrounding a lagoon). Malé, the capital, and Hulhule, where the airport is based, form part of North Malé Atoll. Many of Holiday house’s featured resorts are located here.

DIVING & SNORKELLING The scuba diving and snorkelling in the tropical waters of the Maldives are considered to be amongst the best in the world and all our featured resorts have a recognised dive centre on site offering regular dive tours and night dives. There are 25 protected dive sites and a huge diversity of underwater life. Water clarity is best from January to April.

ISLAND HOPPING Why not pair a stay on North Male Atoll (reached by speedboat transfers) with a stay on one of the outer atolls (accessed via seaplane) for an unforgettable twin centre Maldives getaway?

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